What is 'My Clippings'?

My Clippings is a tool that allows you to mark content of interest as you browse the site, and then when you are ready, generate a single PDF download combining all the content that you have selected.

Adding Content

Where you see add to my clippings icon, it means that the piece of content it is associated with is available for you to add to your clippings. Click it once and that content will be added to your clippings.

Downloading your PDF

When you are ready to takeaway your content, click . Your custom PDF will be generated and you will be able to save it from your browser.

Welcome to G4S Assessment Services

G4S Assessment Services are specialists in outsourced business services, with vast experience in the consultancy and assessment markets.

We deliver services which add real business value to our customers by working in partnership with organisations to devise integrated solutions to unlock potential.

We are part of a multi-national organisation and therefore able to draw upon skills and competencies on a worldwide scale.

Our business model illustrates the different phases in achieving accreditation and highlights how the process of accreditation achievement is a continuous circle of competency development, releasing organisational potential.