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Central Government


G4S plays an important by helping to ensure that governments are able to meet the expectations of their citizens, employees and legislative bodies. We currently work with several central government departments providing quality assurance services to ensure service providers are meeting governments standard:

Cabinet Office – The Cabinet Office devised the Customer Service Excellence Standard, formerly Charter Mark, to provide organisations with a practical tool for driving customer-focused change. The prestigious standard provides organisations with a customer focus and supports several applications of best practice. We are one of only four assessment bodies able to assess to the standard. To date we have helped over 3,000 organisations work towards the standard. For more information on Customer Service Excellence click here.

Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) - G4S Assessment Services (UK) Ltd (G4SAS) has been working with DWP since 2000 when we were originally contracted by the Cabinet Office to undertake assessments and the administration of the Charter Mark Award, pre-curser to Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Standard.  This has afforded us a unique understanding and insight of the UK’s biggest public service department, enabling us to work closely with the range of DWP’s diverse services to support them to achieve and retain CSE accreditation.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) - We have a longstanding relationship with HMRC, having worked with them since 1999. We provide personal skills and management development training.  We offer well over 50 different generic courses to their staff throughout the country, to date we have delivered over 7,400 training days.

United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) – We have worked in partnership with UKBA since 1999, during which we have partnered the agency in the design and delivery of several programmes and courses, including Keeping Children Safe and Upskilling Managers resulting in the provision of over 8,000 training days.

We deliver services which add real business value by working in partnership with out customers to devise intregrated solutions.

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