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Consultancy for Housing Applications


Constant and rapid change is a fact of life for Housing Associations. Whilst initiatives suggest the theory, it often takes an outside partner to establish the best way to do achieve something. We are a proven partner of housing associations with a quality focus to ensure customer service is embedded as part of the process.

Our Support

We will work in collaboration with your housing association to establish a clear link between your objectives and current capabilities, highlighting areas where variances occur. Our team of over 100 industry experts offer the most appropriate consultancy services to ensure organisational goals become reality. The areas of development will vary but examples where we have previously provided support include:

  • Shaping the Market Environment
  • Setting Strategic Direction
  • Creating Change and Innovation
  • Engaging and Inspiring People
  • Driving Superior Performance
  • Simplifying the Complex
  • Embodying Professionalism and Integrity
  • Focusing on the Customer

As the leading assessment body for Customer Service Excellence, our learning can ensure that your progress is swift, effective and achieves results where it matters in your service delivery.

To read about how we helped Halton Housing Trust launch a culture change programme click here.


“Excellent - supportive and open to new ways of working e.g. partnership approach"

Contact Us


0845 300 5172