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The provision of an effective Justice system is crucial to the order and welfare of society. G4S has over 20 years experience of working within the Justice sector ranging from the provision of immigration services, court services and police support services to training and development contracts. Our team currently support the offering by providing training which is critical to supporting the integrity of the magistrates recruitment and selection process:

Ministry of Justice – We currently partner with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to develop their Human Resource function when recruiting Magistrates and Members of Advisory Committees to sit and carry out the function of Magistrates in courts throughout England. In 2007 we designed a bespoke assessment centre-based workshop to improve the selection and recruitment process of magistrates, ensuring only personnel demonstrating the MoJ ‘Six Key Qualities’ are recruited into the role. To date we have provided over 400 days of training with excellent feedback from attendee’s, including:

“Thank you for a very thought provoking course which was dealt with in a very adult fashion. More than met my expectations.”

“Though very challenging this is the best course I've attended in years.”


We are members of Skills for Justice – Provide for Success. This scheme, ran by the Sector Skills Council for the Justice sector, provides us with considerable insight into what employers in the sector want in terms of training. It also provides us with priority access to Skillsmark, the rigorous quality framework that assesses the design, content and delivery of programmes to demonstrate it meets the requirements of employers.

We deliver services which add real business value by working in partnership with out customers to devise intregrated solutions.

Contact Us


0845 300 5172