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Assessment and Compliance


G4S Assessment Services is a well established partner of choice for national bodies who elect to outsource the task of assessment against quality standards. Our integrated solutions have supported organisations along the route to successful accreditation against performance and quality standards for over 15 years. We currently assess against the following National Standards:

More and more organisations are recognising the benefits of implementing and maintaining assured processes and standards in all aspects of their operations. Whether or not they lead to formal accreditation, these standards and processes can help to raise organisational and individual achievement, improve profitability, and demonstrate to partners, customers and staff a commitment to reaching the highest levels of performance. At G4S Assessment Services our core business is working in partnership with organisations to ensure they reach their performance objectives. We have a proven track record in conducting assessments and providing support to organisations to help them develop in line with their strategic goals.

We are able to provide solutions for our customers in two discrete but complementary areas.

Working with Standard Owners

G4S Assessment Services work in partnership with standard owners to provide expert assistance and a truly global reach. We provide a range of outsourced development, marketing, administration and assessment services. These services are designed to deliver real benefits to our customers through improved participation and a reduction in operational costs of assessment:

  • Our national assessment team are experts within their field and act as ambassadors. Their engagement with the target audience allows us to provide relevant guidance on the development of standards
  • We have a wealth of administration expertise to streamline processes and significantly reduce costs
  • Our bespoke IT systems enable us to provide unique and constructive management information
  • Proven marketing capabilities ensure standards are promoted effectively to increase awareness and participation

Working with Organisations seeking accreditation

G4S Assessment Services also supports individual organisations seeking accreditation against standards, whether they are internal company standards or external standards.

We host a wealth of experience across all types of standards, enabling us to provide the best possible advice. Along the route to successful assessment we promote a culture of continuous improvement offering solutions which offer real business improvements, whilst ensuring value for money and ultimately organisational performance.

Our proven assessment tools enable customers to benchmark and monitor performance against existing or bespoke standards. G4S Assessment Services provides assessment and certification against government standards including the Customer Service Excellence standard (formerly Charter Mark) and the Learning & Skills Councilís Training Quality Standard.

We also work with VisitEngland, the countryís tourist board, to promote their National Quality Assurance Scheme for tourist accommodation and assess over 25,000 properties against these standards every year.

We deliver services which add real business value by working in partnership with out customers to devise intregrated solutions.

Contact Us


+44 (0)1684 864000