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Corporate Applications


We have extensive experience of assessing large, complex organisations and are currently working with many Local Authorities, Government Departments, NHS Trusts, Housing Groups and Charities. By applying for Customer Service Excellence corporately your organisation will achieve cost savings and benefits, including:

  • A coordinated 'whole organisation' approach and commitment to achieving Customer Service Excellence across all services
  • Corporate evidence to be referenced and evaluated only once by the applicant organisation
  • Corporate template produced by the online tool for use by all services, reducing the time required from service applicants to complete their application
  • A range of detailed management information reports.

Becoming Accredited Registration

To register, complete and submit a Corporate Assessment Application. Click here to access the form. Please note at the registration stage there is no obligation or fee.

On receipt of your application you will have the option of a free half-day Customer Service Excellence Workshop, designed to suit the needs of your organisation


We will appoint a dedicated Project Team to assume responsibility and they will tailor an assessment model for your organisation, focusing on coordinating assessment activity to provide cost savings.

When the evidence has been validated as appropriate against the standard, we create a corporate template of evidence for your organisation. This is effectively the basis of future applications for Unit/ Service / Department applicants who will be given a logon to an application template, which they will find partially completed with the validated corporate evidence. This could be as much as 50% of the application. They simply complete the rest of the tool, using local evidence that relates to their unit, service or department.

Once your organisation achieves Customer Service Excellence each service will hold accreditation and once all services have achieved this the Organisation named as Corporate Applicant can hold Customer Service Excellence corporately. We refer to this as the 'building block' approach to achieving Customer Service Excellence.

Annual Assessment

Following initial accreditation against the Customer Service Excellence your organisation will follow the Rolling Programme assessment process, whereby they will receive an assessment visit each year from their assessor to demonstrate maintained compliance, continuous improvement and action taken against partial compliances.

A Rolling Programme assessment visit will occur at 12 months following the date of the previous certification. Following this Rolling Programme visit, when successful, the period of certification will roll on for a further year.

"Thank you once again to everyone on your amazing team for all their support. Its clear to me that I would have struggled without all of your help and patience."

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