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Becoming Accredited - The Process



We understand that applicants may feel that they need support throughout the process, so our dedicated Helpline Team are here to provide assistance and offer a range of options based on your unique needs. You can register with us free of charge and under no obligation by calling our helpline on 0845 300 5172 or by registering online.

By developing an online application method we aim to make achieving the Customer Service Excellence standard as simple and cost effective as possible. The free online assessment tool is designed to be straightforward, efficient for applicants to use and it forms the basis of the application.

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Pre-Assessment Option

In addition to our Helpline support we offer a pre-assessment visit for organisations. One of our experienced assessors will visit your organisation to review the evidence, identify any gaps and give feedback against the 5 criteria. Following the visit you are provided with a detailed gap analysis.


On receipt of your application form we allocate an assessor to your organisation and you arrange a mutually convenient date for the assessment visit. Ahead of the assessment, in your own time, you complete our online assessment tool to provide evidence.

The length of the assessment process will vary depending on the size of your organisation. Post assessment reporting is free, and you pay only for the site assessment element.

Annual Assessment

A Rolling Programme assessment visit will occur at 12 months following the date of the previous certification. Following this Rolling Programme visit, when successful, the period of certification will roll on for a further year.

"I have always found staff at the CSE HQ to be extremely helpful and positive. Our assessor is always very professional yet still friendly and encouraging." - Coventry College

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